Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Booting to Last known good configuration...

Yes...this is the way...this is the only solution at present in sight...

Just like Microsoft OS aka windows...if life is screwed beyond repair...reboot to last known good configuration...and that's very same thing I am gonna do now :)

Happiness at last...rebooting to last known good configuration....

more later on this thought process and the inner working mayhem.... enjoy...


  1. Good man .. reboot .. but new avtar thats the need of the hour ... to change the avtar.

  2. test test

    Hey where are you applying Booting to Last known good configuration funda in life?...

    1. R u going back to your previous job?

    2. R U going back to Bangalore from Pune Or Noida or Ghajiabad?

    3.R u going back to ur previous girl friend (Bhabhiji in this case keep ready ur belan & Jaadu)

    4. R u chosing to be student again(opting for higher studies)

    5. R U going to be old hirdu ?

    6. R U going to write senti blogs & treat readers I mean ur blog Fan that's me

    Hey Hirdu my eyes are screaming go to opthamalogist if u want to read Hirdu's blog.

    Your fonts are hurting my eyes. The Fonts are not going good with template. Please apply Last known good configuration to this too . :)

  3. sorry mann.. u can't be single again. that last know configuration is deleted forever

  4. Dude... where are you? No new posts for a really long time...