Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ha ha ha ...Ho Ho Ho ...

After a long time :)

I smile now a days....I laugh long....I roam around...and I feel delighted....

There is Joy within and there is flow of happiness around....

This place is wonderful...Here we shake hands and we talk ...Here we nod heads and smile ...Here we wink and laugh....


  1. wow I am so happy . ha ha ha ho ho ho
    Dhan Te Dan Ta Da Da..
    Aaja Aaja Dil Nichode, Raat Ki Mataki Tode
    Koyi Good Luck Nikaale, Aaj Gullak Toh Phode

  2. luck aazmaa!!!!

    I guess being lucky is lucky in itself

  3. Hey

    Ur blog as I expected is at its chilliest best!

    Thanks for dropping by mine :) And lucky me u enjoyed!

  4. Hope joy always flows in your heart and smile always dance on your lips. =)